HMR002 - Andrew Weathers/ Blaine Todd Split


A striking document of wide open loneliness, this split release by Andrew Weathers & Blaine Todd contains timeless works about Wobblies, the Staked Plain, etc. 

Thoughtful, pensive songwriting blends with artisan-crafted dronework, and undercurrents of electronic wizardry.

The cassette edition

The cassette edition


“At the end the musician plays out another lovely piece, every thing is sensitive and kind & it goes in like a well wishing. It’s the perfect ending of this pretty sounding split by Andrew Weathers and Blaine Todd, whose works simply feel like a perfectly fitting match. Even though I tried my best to find words for a absurdist piece over here, I simply cannot come up with anything bizarre as I take this music very seriously. Beautiful work, gentlemen! “ - Kai Nobuko, Yeah I know It Sucks

“…traditional Americana psychedelia  rendered  through reverb drenched folk thrusts. Todd skates across a lush and morose pond, blending dripping, cavernous guitar strums, backed with distant unsettled, sad  vocals creating a fever dream style of psychedelic alt-pop.” - Michael Daddonna, Decaycast Webzine