HMR001 - House of Cake

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[How it happened] 
This collaboration album began with an open call for submissions. I posted this idea on May 2nd, 2018 - after the crazy idea popped into my head: 

"send in unfinished work, an element, an ambient sound, a weird noise, a startling vocalization, a killer guitar riff, a cool beat, a vaporwave backing track, a free jazz freak out - Whatever ORIGINAL material you might be willing to part with in the spirit of collaboration. Then, our top scientists here at Houdini Mansions will mash and crunch as many of your crazy pieces of disparate music together as we can to create - the very first Houdini Mansions tape release. " 

In the end we had over 24 different artists contribute source audio - people who were entirely willing to trust complete total strangers to complete the work in some way! 

House of Cake is the result! 

-Gray Lee 

The cassette edition of House of Cake

The cassette edition of House of Cake


“The most amazing thing of this compilation is how each track is waved together; it’s done in such a natural way that it feels as if it had always been like this. As if it is the soundtrack for that movie that had always existed, a film about a mysterious abandoned house in which sweet smells come out,driving the entire neighborhood nuts as they proceed to go into a full baking frenzy. “ - Kai Nobuko, Yeah I Know It Sucks -

“There may not be some grand metaphor for the House of Cake. There may not be cannibalism or other dastardly things. This may very well be a simple bakery. This abstraction of what is really taking place is a great narrative tool. “ - Whettman Chelmets, I Heart Noise.

House of Cake goes beyond pulling together tracks for a sampler, or one individual splicing city pop of days gone by: it’s a community of beautiful nutjobs combining like Voltron to form one freakish, charming, funny, frightening, unstoppable behemoth of a record. “ - Travis Shosa, Under the Counter Tapes