HMR006 - qualchan. - "goodbye to all that"

When Cascadian producer qualchan. moved from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR, the change became more than a simple relocation. Setting foot on new ground was a bittersweet event, bidding farewell to a life left behind. Emerging from nightly exploration of his neighborhood while self medicating with codeine, goodbye to all that, is a 50 minute beat tape that sits at the nexus of hauntology, hip hop & minimal techno.

HMR004 - Van Jack - Summer Electrohits Zero

Originally released digitally on  DMT Tapes Florida , Summer Electrohits Zero returns in cassette & minidisc format.

Originally released digitally on DMT Tapes Florida, Summer Electrohits Zero returns in cassette & minidisc format.

According to data from the 21st century, “Summer Eletrohits” was a series of electronic music compilations published annually by Brazilian record company Som Livre, starting in January 2005. In 2017, the sublabel Austro Music became responsible for the releases. 
The collection presented songs that heated clubs and set the tone of the summer, always being released at some point of the season – mostly in December. With time, its first entries gained cult classic status. 

For this commemorative edition, our cyber-archeology team prepared something different… Having retrieved, from the ruins of the Internet, corrupted sound files that might (or might not) have been part of these first registers, they managed to establish a musical construct based on that legacy, most certainly bequeathed to us by the decade of 2000. Stressing the freshness of the material, we are calling it “Zero”. 
We hope the research contributes significantly to historical and anthropological studies and enable us to understand who the human beings of then were– and who, after all, we are today. 

The Department of Memoryvague 

(this is cycle 2)


Music by Van Jack 

Cover art designed by Gray Lee

The cassette edition

The cassette edition


HMR003 - ll nøthing ll - Higeki


Houston, Texas-based vaporwave producer ll nøthing ll presents "Higeki" a dark slice of vapor synth haunted with melancholy tones of hurt and loss. Reminiscent of Akira Yamaoka's iconic work for the 'Silent Hill' franchise, "Higeki" is both evocative and detatched, as the rest of the world rushes past, out of sync with the struggles of the individual. Presented for the first time in cassette format, side A includes the original release, while side B includes reimagined mixes by vaporwave producers Bakmahn, Tupperwave, desert sand feels warm at night, while S\/\/4Nk H3LL provides a remixed coda for the release. 

I've lost everything.


Higeki - by ll nøthing ll

Remixes by Bakmahn, Tupperwave, desert sand feels warm at night, and S\/\/4NK H3L

The cassette edition

The cassette edition

The minidisc edition

The minidisc edition

HMR002 - Andrew Weathers/ Blaine Todd Split


A striking document of wide open loneliness, this split release by Andrew Weathers & Blaine Todd contains timeless works about Wobblies, the Staked Plain, etc. 

Thoughtful, pensive songwriting blends with artisan-crafted dronework, and undercurrents of electronic wizardry.

The cassette edition

The cassette edition


“At the end the musician plays out another lovely piece, every thing is sensitive and kind & it goes in like a well wishing. It’s the perfect ending of this pretty sounding split by Andrew Weathers and Blaine Todd, whose works simply feel like a perfectly fitting match. Even though I tried my best to find words for a absurdist piece over here, I simply cannot come up with anything bizarre as I take this music very seriously. Beautiful work, gentlemen! “ - Kai Nobuko, Yeah I know It Sucks

“…traditional Americana psychedelia  rendered  through reverb drenched folk thrusts. Todd skates across a lush and morose pond, blending dripping, cavernous guitar strums, backed with distant unsettled, sad  vocals creating a fever dream style of psychedelic alt-pop.” - Michael Daddonna, Decaycast Webzine

HMR001 - House of Cake

HMR001 House of Cake [DIGITAL COVER] copy.jpg

[How it happened] 
This collaboration album began with an open call for submissions. I posted this idea on May 2nd, 2018 - after the crazy idea popped into my head: 

"send in unfinished work, an element, an ambient sound, a weird noise, a startling vocalization, a killer guitar riff, a cool beat, a vaporwave backing track, a free jazz freak out - Whatever ORIGINAL material you might be willing to part with in the spirit of collaboration. Then, our top scientists here at Houdini Mansions will mash and crunch as many of your crazy pieces of disparate music together as we can to create - the very first Houdini Mansions tape release. " 

In the end we had over 24 different artists contribute source audio - people who were entirely willing to trust complete total strangers to complete the work in some way! 

House of Cake is the result! 

-Gray Lee 

The cassette edition of House of Cake

The cassette edition of House of Cake


“The most amazing thing of this compilation is how each track is waved together; it’s done in such a natural way that it feels as if it had always been like this. As if it is the soundtrack for that movie that had always existed, a film about a mysterious abandoned house in which sweet smells come out,driving the entire neighborhood nuts as they proceed to go into a full baking frenzy. “ - Kai Nobuko, Yeah I Know It Sucks -

“There may not be some grand metaphor for the House of Cake. There may not be cannibalism or other dastardly things. This may very well be a simple bakery. This abstraction of what is really taking place is a great narrative tool. “ - Whettman Chelmets, I Heart Noise.

House of Cake goes beyond pulling together tracks for a sampler, or one individual splicing city pop of days gone by: it’s a community of beautiful nutjobs combining like Voltron to form one freakish, charming, funny, frightening, unstoppable behemoth of a record. “ - Travis Shosa, Under the Counter Tapes