Magnetic Mystery Hour - Episode 8 - Halloween Edition - Grave Wave, VVV, Scary Hip-Hop, & Much More


The special Halloween edition of the Mystery Hour includes a premiere of “Boogie Man” from the new Whatevski album Cult Classics, as well as a premiere of “Countess (The Vampire),” a track from the upcoming Night Machines album Themes of the Dead. We also feature a double-shot of the new Grave Wave Vol. II compilation on the Neo LA label. AND we still managed to cram another track from House of Cake in there as well! It’s a creepy, spooky, festival of macabre, haunted madness!

VVV - Canson Months - "Greyhound" · Night Machine - Themes of the Dead - "Countess (The Vampire" · Neuron Spectre - Grave Wave Vol. II - "I Remember (House by the Cemetery" · Gregorio Franco - Grave Wave Vol. II - "Night on Bald Mountain" · Damsel in the Dollhouse - Provacateur - "Fever Dream" · White Claudia - Deadly .Iris Zero - "Alone in the Ward" · The Mangled Dead - Revenge is at Hand - "Atomic Hot Rod" · Fae & Seffi - Origin of Conflict - "Origin of Conflict" · Freddy on the Block - "Filthy Animals" · Gnawed - Ruin - "Ruin" · 1N73LL3C7 C0NN3C7 - Anasazi - The Hidden Files - "XTRTRRSTRL 5GHTNG5" · Swamp Thing - The Grindhouse EP - "It's All About the Brains" · Used Condo - Kiosk - "Everybody is People With Clothing Like Me" · Even Wolves - House of Cake - "Doom Layers" · アレックス H O R R O R 666 - You Believe in Satan - "Horror" · Whatevski - Cult Classics - "Boogie Man" · Monkey Fighters - Monk Fright Eyes - "Monk Fright Eyes" · Wolfmen of Mars - Wolfmen of Mars Vs. The Mangled Dead - "Take Heed, They're Everywhere" · NARWHAL JERKS MOTEL - NARWHAL JERKS MOTEL - "Five Obsidian Rings" Valentine Wolfe - The Haunting of Mary Shelly - "Doomed to Live" ·