BODY TRAINS - "Odonata"

Like a slow ritual in a darkened parking garage, Odonata gleams with gritty, ambient grind, characterized by driving pulses of rhythm, minimal synth, and sinister layers of electronic sound. In the opening track, Waterhouse, a distant voice chants, as the flames dance higher, and the crooked shadows of the worshipers make the corroded cement walls come to life.


Somesurprises / Supercandy - “Some Candy”

(Crash Symbols)

The overly casual title Some Candy may fool you into dismissing this release, and that would be unfortunate. Although it appears to simply be a split release between two artists, it is truly a perfect meld of two incredible psych rock projects out of the pacific northwest.

IMP OF PERVERSE - "Imp In Reverse"


Imp of Perverse - “Imp in Reverse”

(Under the Counter Tapes)

I make it a point not to read press releases that come packaged with music until after listening to said music. When it came to listening to Imp in Reverse, I had no idea what I was dealing with. I really dig this cover art. but I must admit the hypnotic background and slimeball cartoon splatters had me imagining some pretty damn weird music to go along with it.  My mind immediately went with odd instrumentation, maybe some creepy whispers, perhaps an uncomfortably chorused and phased tuneless voice belting out nonsensical lyrics - All of which would have been perfectly fine, because that’s exactly what I was expecting.

Instead, my ears were greeted with 83 minutes of psychedelic pop, with catchy, melodic guitar hooks, expertly managed percussion, and smooth, 90s styled rock and roll lyrics.

Imp of Perverse is the solo project of Sean Lochridge, drummer for the Austin, TX pysch pop band, Sherry.  This career-spanning release explores the evolution of The Imp, as a writer, creator and all around mad genius of off-the-wall rock musings. The catch here is that this litany of creative output is presented in reverse chronological order - allowing the listener the unique experience of starting at present day, and traveling backwards in one song increments as The Imp slowly grows younger, and wilder. 

Interested yet? You should be. The entire release is a solid musical odyssey full of hook-laden rock melodies, killer rhythms, and a quirky atmosphere of irreverent fun that keeps each new track fresh and engaging.  Imp in Reverse is divided neatly into four musical zones for the time-traveling listener to meander through:

Act 1 - Not Getting What You Want, One Step at a Time

The first four tracks of Imp in Reverse comprise this act. This music represents a seasoned Imp, using all the art rock skills he has developed to craft dream-like arrangements and catchy, melodic wordplay. Whether it’s the laid back acoustic vibe of misunderstanding, or the clean electric line, background organs, and breathy Lou Reed styled whispered lyrics of decisions, this chapter of the story could be considered the most ‘commercial,’ although that is a dangerous word to use in this context.

Act 2 - There's Everything

Tracks five through nine allow us to see the experimental side of The Imp, with selections that employ complex structures, off-the-wall writing and unpredictable, yet satisfying results. What we see here is a strong, confident Imp who is ready to challenge us. The thesis of this segment of the Imp’s progression can be found in the existential buzzing curves of the track, Pixelated Mindfuck in the Infinite Reality Corner, which blends tightly controlled psychedelic rock recording with chaotic-leaning dream passages. This act is also home to Gulliver’s Tail which is an objectively great track, built on a solid lead guitar riff, and a great bridge with punchy bass and the repeated motto of “Some people never change/ but over time they don’t seem the same.” Afterwards, a lengthy guitar amp buzz leads the track back into the main drag for some echoed final vocalizations.

Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 11.51.54 AM.png

Act 3 - Togethercoloured Instant

This section of Imp in Reverse could be considered the calm before the storm. It is a beautiful three-track presentation featuring jangly guitar scrollwork, warmly looping synth arpeggios and gauzy arrangements of floating fuzz.

Act 4 - Who Knows

The end of this backwards story is the beginning. This nine-track entry in the Imp of Peverse saga is the debut of Sean Lochridge's solo efforts - and it is a mighty tome of psychedelic rock goodness, full of heavy, grunge-slinging guitars and gobs of furious percussion. The opening harsh drums and wailing guitar leads of steponthisflowerpedal lead the way for avant-garde art rock madness to spill over the track in broken chunks of pop rock laden with young lad lyrics and curling electric embellishment for punctuation. Each track in this act is a careening container of rhythms, hooks, thumping bass, and assorted psych elements - all pleasingly jumbled messes of young rock swagger.

Overall, Imp in Reverse may seem like a daunting release for an uninitiated listener to sink their teeth into, but don't be discouraged by the amount of material here. Finally, you get bang for your buck. Every track of this release is high-quality, and we found it perfectly suitable to experience this release in its entirety.  

Gray Lee



Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band - “One For The Heads”

(Baked Tapes)

How ‘Just Exactly Perfect’ is this new release from slow rocking, psychedelic spell-casting Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band? Well, friend, that depends on what you want. Do you want two sidelong tracks of narcotic rock goodness, flavored with all the hippie violins and cult commune jams you can handle? Then One For The Heads is just exactly perfect for you.

Side A, a twenty-four minute toke entitled Music is the Healing Force of the Universe, is a CIA-grade dose of psychotropic goodness, straight from the gardens of the gods - complete with picked out guitar essence and ghostly voices echoing around a clandestine bonfire. It’s a smoky, lusty heave of lazily thumping percussion, curling fiddle scrollwork, and spiraling, droning ease that will have you abandoning your suit and tie for a life contemplating the universe.

Side B, Living On Tulpa Time / Cleanhead Boogie / Venusian Red Cross, is a jam session like no other. If the first half of this album took you there, this half will keep you there, man. This side of the release may or may not be divided into three distinct parts as the title suggests. Review is unclear. Check back with me later.

With the perfect balance of ethereal excursions into metaphysical planes of ultimate freedom, and down and dirty rock and roll jam band sleaze, One For The Heads is a trip worth taking. Grab this one up and enjoy it. Cooked up for you by the good folks at Baked Tapes.

Gray Lee

VOODOOHOP - "Entropia Coletiva II"


Voodoohop - "Entropia Coletiva II"


Groovy downtempo electronica with a strong world vibe bursts out of this release like the flagrantly adorned cover art that represents it. This compilation from Brazil-based collective Voodoohop travels through many music zones, but stays close to the cool, ambient shadows, where smooth rhythms and hypnotic musical compositions dance in the psychedelic night.

The track opener, Spine Tingles by Peter Power, is well worth the price of admission, with cooled-down beats and nearby found sounds that play with the senses in a pleasing way. The following track, Noon, feels like anything but noon, following in the opening track’s shadowy footprints. Other highlights include M. RUX and Thomash’s infectious and upbeat Tukuna Hering, that induces dancing on contact, and the absolute burner, Glassminazed, a ten minute journey from Supercombo Los Caviares, with lightweight droning and percussive glassware, creating a transcendent, meditative experience that is tethered to Earth by physical sounds.

Entropia Coletiva II is a brilliantly executed exploration of mood, that defies the variety of artists presented by being fiercely congruous. If you are looking to zone out, or zoom in, trance up, or cool down, this release is waiting there for you, beneath the haunted starlight of an endless sky.

Gray Lee