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mathblaster - “CLIP.AUDIO”

(Power_Lunch Corporation)

CLIP.AUDIO is an explosion of plunderphonic madness. Crunched up sounds tumble in your ears like a pair of Nikes in a dryer, bouncing, banging and melting inside your sound canals. Visit zones of aural cubism such as the high school music room, in the opening track Band Practice, a trippy Saturday morning in front of a dismantled television full of ghosts in Achromatic, or in a dark cement tunnel reading the thoughts of sentient marionettes in Drazen.

The cassette edition of this bizarre rubix cube of musical abstraction offers a full resolution presentation of CLIP.AUDIO, with a crunched, floppy-ized version on the reverse side. The super-compressed version of the album, in its entirety is also available on floppy disk, for discerning fans. If you’re looking for something new and crunchy to puzzle on, or you are a devotee of the plunderphonic variety, don’t miss CLIP.AUDIO!


P A T H S パス - "Vaporwave 2 - 謎の宮殿 "


P A T H S パス - "Vaporwave 2 - 謎の宮殿"

(Power_Lunch Corporation) 

P A T H S パス leads us down a dark, shimmering tunnel into an afterlife filled with knee-deep glimmering water. Moonlight streams through an open manhole cover, and somewhere in the distance the he-beast calls out in the musty chambers of the night.

This is a release entitled " Vaporwave 2 - 謎の宮殿" and it certainly feels like we are beyond vaporwave at this point. It's a darkly echoed affair in the shadowy passages of a mysterious palace on another plane of existence, after everything that once was, is no longer.

Throatless voices call out un-hearable words as a pounding heartbeat reverberates off the slimy bricks of eternity's drainage system. All the while, the fragments of a forgotten melody rattle around on dusty ledges. There is fire and anguish in the pit below, and the din of it reaches to the upper halls where mechanical jackals of war restlessly dream.

Gray Lee



TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL - "Sunseeker VIP"



TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL - “Sunseeker VIP”

(Power Lunch Corporation)

It’s time to head to that special place in your closet where you keep your ‘sailing clothes!’ That’s right, my friend, we are headed down to the yacht club to jump on a Sleek Yet Elegant vessel and head out onto the sparkling waters with Sunseeker VIP, a new release from TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL!

Captain’s hat? Check. Too-short-shorts? Right on. Boat shoes? You betcha! Add an anchor necklace and an open, over-wide collar and you’re ready for the open sea. There’s only one more thing – you need some happening music to play over the ship’s speakers to set the right mood. That’s where Sunseeker VIP comes in. It’s a veritable Encyclopedia Britannica of yacht sailing music. Slow, smooth beats, plenty of gentle piano loops and hot guitar licks will have you feeling the surge of confidence that we in-the-know call captain’s courage. If ever in doubt, just ask yourself, “what would Christopher Cross do?” and you’ll know the answer.

Nothing says status like a yacht. And nothing says luxury like wining and dining on the open sea while you listen to powerful music. Sunseeker VIP is that powerful music. Don’t leave port without it. Aye Aye, Captain.

Gray Lee


FRENCH 75 - "French 75"


French 75 - "French 75"

(Power Lunch Corporation) 

Set your seat into the reclined position and order another martini. It's time to take a flight on the Power Lunch Corporate jet. Your destination?

The future.

No wait! Don't go! Not our actual future! A perfectly groovy future full of funky vibes and endless vacations. Prepare yourself to be transported to the sunny shores of French 75, a resort for your troubled soul. This is vaporwave of the highest order - with plenty of chopped and screwed vintage vibes waiting to caress your mind like warm tropical breezes. 

As the jetliner lands on the runway, beats drop with impossible thump, samples converge in an intoxicating mixture of sun, sex, and sleaze. It's like being in a perpetual dream where a mop-headed, tweed wearing secret agent fires one-liners at every villain as he drives classic foreign sports cars and buys mixed beverages for freckled French beauties. 

The successful team-up of Danger.ファルコン.1989 and METAPRISE APPLICATIONS brings us this exploitave escape. Rich samples lock in with overpowered beats in all the best ways as dense distortions wash each audio channel with countless layers of disintegration, making this one of my favorite vaporwave releases of the year so far.  

Gray Lee