PRIMAL WINDS - "Road Warriors"


Primal Winds - “Road Warriors”

(Hand’Solo Records)

Stock up on guzzolene and fire up a tank full of this high octane dystopian rap metal from concept rappers Primal Winds. The title Road Warriors isn’t used lightly - this thematic album revolves around the post-apocalyptic armored vehicles and flaming chrome mayhem of Mad Max, Tank Girl, Death Race, and even the Twisted Metal video game franchise.

These hard-hitting tracks, produced mostly by Iron Wind, bring on a wasteland of pain with industrial grade beats, cut with stabs of coal-rolling heavy metal rock riffs for that classic turn-of-the-century rock/rap feel. The album opener, title track Road Warriors, starts out with a classic piece of dialogue from Mad Max 2 before launching into a pulverizing punishment of hard rock thrash rap. Every subsequent track relentlessly adheres to the themes and references to the films they pay homage to. Be on the lookout for features by Fortunato, Warrzone, Julian Swift, and Lucy Lovesick - and more heavily dialed in samples and quotes from your favorite end-of-the world movies than you can shake a tailpipe at.

Highly recommended for fans of early hard rock/rap giants like Skull and Bones era Cypress Hill, fans of the post apocalypse doomsday films, or those lucky sickos out there among you who happen to be fans of both. Road Warriors is available on cassette/digital at Hand’Solo Records.

Gray Lee