GOATS - "Far Out"


GOATS - “Far Out”

(Submarine Broadcasting Company)

Hold on to your grits - this is one psychedelic ride, through someone else’s mind. Or are you having a far out trip through your own mind? Who knows?

The GOATS are Declan Randulph Owen, Alan Morse Davies, and Jorge Mario Zuleta. Together with a wild gang of guest stars, they set out on a ambient hippie journey through some sort of groovy nebula of found sounds, drones, and mind-altering audio euphoria.

There is a whole bowl full of unusual sounds mashed together in an intense blend of merged experiences. Hypnotic tones shift in and out of frame as wisps of memory phase into being. Someone’s left a television on in the other room. A child plays a small guitar and convinces the family to join in. Mouth noises, throat singing, and piles of erratic, floating electronica swirl in a melange of aural collage.

Each new experience fades away ushering in a new mixture of field recorded experiences, trippy & meditative tones, and surprising little details. Overall, this release is a welcome retreat for the mind to wander and daydream. The meandering composition and randomness of sound is so much like the workings of the human brain, that it all feels quite natural.

For fans of experimental sound, Far Out is everything it promises to be, a truly unique musical experience full of psychedelic drones and crunched audio that is going to take you to places you’ve never been. Another fine joint from those crazy GOATS.