VINYL DIAL - "Intergalactic Almanac EP"


Vinyl Dial - “Intergalactic Almanac EP”

(Flamingo Vapor)

A direct follow-up to Vinyl Dial’s fantastic release, Space Wizard, this EP adds more to the story told through dramatically composed electronic sound. 

Intergalactic Almanac EP, released through vaporwave adjacent label Flamingo Vapor is built form the came great elements that made Space Wizard so refreshing and powerful. Kicking drums, electronified vocals and wild, longform prog compositions are back in this extension of the original Space Wizard story. Set hundreds of years in the future, you have discovered a journal left behind by the legendary title character, the Space Wizard, Within the pages of this journal, lie the celestial secrets of hyperspeed travel and interstellar space magic that you need in order to embark on your own enchanted journey through the cosmos.

This is the kind of creative stuff we here at Houdini Mansions are always on the lookout for. Not only is the music on this EP just as top notch as the original album, but it comes packaged in a beautifully designed CD jacket with some of the best album art we have seen this year.

 Taking musical composition, concept-driven album narrative, and complete package philosophy to the stars, Intergalactic Almanac is a great addition to any space explorer’s collection. Grab the CD for yourself today, or, if you can’t get it just now, snag a digital copy. All available over at Flamingo Vapor.

Gray Lee