EYEBALL - "Paradox of Eternal Limits"


EYEBALL - “Paradox of Eternal Limits”

Psychedelic neo-space rockers EYEBALL push the boundaries of musical reality with their 4-track debut EP Paradox of Eternal Limits.

This four-piece “collective of beings” have dropped in from the astral plane to gift the unilluminated with four sonic snippets of higher consciousness.

WARNING: After being opened for the very first time, your third eye will probably be dilated by these hallucinogenic tunes especially my two personal faves—Inside the Moon and Astral Projector.

Inside the Moon burns slow with wonderful melodic interplay between the synthesizers, guitar and the soothingly dulcet vocals of guitarist Myriam Martian.

Astral Projector—although another laid-back track—builds momentum and anticipation with its incessantly pulsing ¾ rhythm and unsettling atmospherics.

For those looking for harder and heavier fare, the slow and heavy stoner-rock jam The Red Minimum and the 60s acid rocker Acid War fit the bill quite nicely.

Even squares and D.A.R.E devotees can enjoy this psychedelic journey. No chemical augmentation required. Merely click the link below to begin your cosmic ascension.


Theron Willis


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