WALLPAPER - "The Sun and the Shade"


Wallpaper - “The Sun and the Shade”

Musician and composer Tayler Bucich builds up layers of instruments and sounds to create elaborate audio works that sound devilishly simple and natural. Organs, synths, vocals, and a host of other aural experiences all blend together to create a powerful blend of music.

The Clemson, SC-based artist, performing as Wallpaper releases The Sun and the Shade, a pleasing selection of bucolic audio landscapes full of mass vocals, varied instrumentation, and a creative depth that requires multiple listens to truly delve. This brand of intricate bedroom pop isn’t shoegaze, it’s stargaze - bright and twinkling with small surprises around each baroque-encrusted corner. Harpsichord tinged track, Closed-Shut Eye, combines clever singer-songwriting with delicate patterns of detail and musical scrollwork that make listening a joy. Echoed plucked-out electric guitar frames minimal and floating track, Things I Can’t Replace. Harmonica, and jangly acoustic strumming back up peaceful and listless No One’s at Home.

Overall The Sun and the Shade is a discovery-quality piece of music that becomes a part of the listener’s life as soon as it is heard, earning it the dubious honor of being highly recommended by me. 


Gray Lee