[Exclusive] Full Video Stream of Petridisch - "Hit Rendition"

PETRI HR 2.jpg

Boston-based denizen of the electronic underground, Petridisch, unveils at last his latest feat of bizarre technological composition. Hit Rendition is a sweeping master work of layered audio, oozing synth, and eerie organ work that have become the trademarks of Petridisch’s sound.

A dual release on both Richmond, VA’s Grimalkin Records (lathe cut, cassette) and Petri’s own Fish Prints Label (Minidisc), Hit Rendition is a handcrafted work from every sense of the word, from the fantastic cover art by Mabel Harper, to the hand cut and assembled LP sleeves, to the intricately woven music contained therein.

Prepare yourself for this visual feast of Hit Rendition.