Gray Lee

A native wanderer of the red clay towns of upstate South Carolina, Gray Lee writes the kind of songs that people didn't know they wanted to hear until he begins to sing. He is a philosopher, a poet, and an avid storyteller. His music, heavily influenced by American folk songs, has been described as 'a salve for the listener weary of vapid, charmless music,' and 'Songwriting the way it should be: unpolished, unapologetic, and unforgettable.'

In August of 2015, after abandoning some larger musical projects, Gray began to track a solo project called Merely Departed. During the production of the album, he began to research other genres of music to find other sounds and dimensions to add to his own work. After being immersed in the underground music/ cassette subculture, a newly radicalized Gray Lee emerged, with a strong interest in electronic, noise, ambient, and experimental music. 

In January of 2018, Gray launched Houdini Mansions, and began posting music reviews of independent, underground music. On April, 20th the first episode of the Magnetic Mystery Hour podcast was released.


Mark Jones

Mark H. Jones is the host and producer of The Hoodoo Music Podcast; a fortnightly program featuring live performances and interviews with artists in, around, and passing through the South Carolina upstate. The podcast and his other work can be found at http://RootDoctorMedia.com

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Theron Willis

Theron Willis is a long-time musician and producer who started writing for Houdini Mansions in May 2018. He loves connecting and interacting with fellow artists and music lovers, so follow him on Twitter by going to https://twitter.com/theronsaurusrex.