HMR007 - FIRST KINGS - "Eunuchs"

HMR007 - First Kings - "Eunuchs" 
Ottawa, Ontario based experimental electronic composer First Kings develops complex musical organisms that live and breathe with layered audio. His latest release Eunuchs is an exploration of psychology, surrealism, and sexuality - all woven into dark ambient corridors of disturbing and mesmerizing sound.

“When we tried to ban it, that just made them more interested –

so instead, we made it mandatory.”

From the opening introductory track Compulsory Taboo, through the gradually distorting jam session of Sitcom Libido, to the intentionally anticlimactic Eunuch’s Kama Sutra, First Kings examines the inner workings of societal construct and the effect of technology on the human relationship.

"Author JG Ballard once wrote about a near future where sexuality became so abstract his protagonists could only become aroused from car crashes, parasocial fixations with celebrities, or the angles between walls. That inspired the basis of this album: Conceptualizing sexualities too abstract to be requited, and instead left unattainable beyond the realm of pure fantasy."

Recommended for fans of Vinyl Dial, Voltaic Spore. Occams Laser, Vayu

Eunuchs is presented in cassette and minidisc format with album artwork designed by Gray Lee.