HMR006 - qualchan. - "goodbye to all that"


When Cascadian producer qualchan. moved from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR, the change became more than a simple relocation. Setting foot on new ground was a bittersweet event, bidding farewell to a life left behind. Emerging from nightly exploration of his neighborhood while self medicating with codeine, goodbye to all that, is a 50 minute beat tape that sits at the nexus of hauntology, hip hop & minimal techno.

“Goodbye… emerged like a sculpture emerges from the wet clay,” writes Gray Lee, who avidly followed the progression of the work from the beginning, “Each time q sent over a mix, it had moved and transitioned into a new form... truly amazing to witness”

Recommended for fans of The Field, DJ Screw, Mike, Gas, Knxwledge, Ade Hakim, Boards of Canada.
goodbye to all that. is presented in cassette and minidisc format with album artwork designed by Gray Lee.

The cassette edition of goodbye to all that.

The cassette edition of goodbye to all that.


“All of these snapshots, whether they be weird, pretty, funny, disturbing, or all of the above, form a collage of qualchan.’s new life and his interpretations of it. But more impressive than how it captures the essence of the unknown is how it pieces together life in general. goodbye to all that is both disjointed and muddied, cohesive and clear in only the way real life is, and this is its greatest accomplishment.”

- Travis Shosa, Counterzine

A collection of short to medium loops (which is my weakness). To no surprise, I love this album. It’s a mixture of the older, more sporadic track formatting that qualchan. had on his early work with the production and quality I expect from his newer pieces.

There is a lot here to enjoy. A lot a lot a lot. There’s like 40 high quality varied tracks here, and they’re all good! You’re a fool if you don’t already own this. Favorite track: dusting through dallas..

-Cardian Matsu