Magnetic Mystery Hour Episode 5

Mystery Hour Episode 5 - Pool Kids, Giant Claw, Gulf Audio Company


Pool Kids -"Five-Time 2nd Place Winner"- Music to Practice Safe Sex to · Giant Claw -"Time Ghost"- Midnight Murder · Giant Claw -"DARK WEB 006"-DARK WEB· Crumb-"Plants"- Locket· Govier-" Chamblee Tucker Rd."-Metal Target· Hakobune-"The Cowboy Across the River"-The Cowboy Across the River· -"Holographic Breeze"-You Are Alone, Is this the End· Yonemura Narumi-"愛"- Midnight Poems· METAPRISE APPLICATIONS-" GET META"- GALA· Brace-"New River Navigation"-Live at ‘Skronk’· Billy Gomberg-"Hesitant In Neon"-Beginners· Larry Wish-"Happy Cry Boy Also, Too"-Born Outside My Window· Fictional Girlfriend-" Phoebe's Breath"-Perfume Garden· Dere Moans-"The Innocence of Craters"-Brain Mountain Disciples· Leaaves-"Get Shaved in the Face"-Wow This Beard is Really Great (I'm Glad I Grew It)· Groupie-"Power By Design"-Validated· Aloysius Scrimshaw-"Protect The House"-Kind Regards From Isaac· Airstrip 101 and Milksteak-" Stirring The Batter is a Whole Different Matter"-House of Cake· Night Beach-"Sleepy Dragon"-Bed·