Magnetic Mystery Hour - Episode 1



Tap Water - "Amnesia Nightmare"

Abdersta - "Nurdnati" from Turbo Chic

Eccodroid - "This is Your Local Weather Report" - from Eccoweather

Tarkamt - "The Harbinger" from Live at the Necropolis

Johnny Utah - "Nvrrrlly" from Johnny Utah

Keep - "Testament" from For Your Joy

Sky Chasm - "Tycho Brahe"

The Lower Depths - "Another Fallen Sparrow" from 19 and Holy once

Psycological Strategy Board "Out of formation, Out of duration" from Penny Slinger - Out of the Shadows

Wellness - "Killer Instincts" from Mall Goth

Cartoon Forest - "Cartoon Forest"

Wilson Arcade - "Driving off the Lot" from Saturn Audio

Real good cake recipe here:


On our first episode of the show, listen to me awkwardly ramble on about these great releases from some great artists!