your brain is a wood chipper



mathblaster - “CLIP.AUDIO”

(Power_Lunch Corporation)

CLIP.AUDIO is an explosion of plunderphonic madness. Crunched up sounds tumble in your ears like a pair of Nikes in a dryer, bouncing, banging and melting inside your sound canals. Visit zones of aural cubism such as the high school music room, in the opening track Band Practice, a trippy Saturday morning in front of a dismantled television full of ghosts in Achromatic, or in a dark cement tunnel reading the thoughts of sentient marionettes in Drazen.

The cassette edition of this bizarre rubix cube of musical abstraction offers a full resolution presentation of CLIP.AUDIO, with a crunched, floppy-ized version on the reverse side. The super-compressed version of the album, in its entirety is also available on floppy disk, for discerning fans. If you’re looking for something new and crunchy to puzzle on, or you are a devotee of the plunderphonic variety, don’t miss CLIP.AUDIO!




(Hausu Mountain Records)

The Hausulords, Doug and Max, present a collection of their live offerings to the dissonant gods of the internet underworld. This is what the inside of your devices sound like, a jumbled landscape of broken, orphaned sounds that crystalize into living, organic audio beings, composed of thousands of sounds and samples repeated and reformed as the creatures roll about in their oversensory baths of human consciousness.

E.D.M is an overwhelming pile of sound, as if the bulk of all audio available has been sliced, diced, and spliced into these bite sized chunks of digital ear candy and then dumped into your brain cavities all at once for your tired little wood chipper to grind on for a while, until either understanding, abandon, or oblivion take over. This is the un-skip-able Knights of the Round summon animation that becomes part of your consciousness after the one hundredth time it is cast. This is what overload feels like when it is overloaded with other overloads that spilled out of overloads.

My favorite tracks:

  • Pepperoni Stick is Bout 2 Breakup

  • Pokécenter Plankton Disorder

  • Our Marriage is a Product of Mermaid Law

This sick recording arrived in the form of a silver cassette with black ink printing on both sides, with beautiful drawings - and the great Hausu Mountain cover art that we have grown to know and love, nay - demand. If you are a fan of Good Willsmith, or MUQKS, Mr. DougDoug, or just the general mess that Hausu Mountain stands for - you probably already have this. If you don’t have it already, you need it. If you don’t need it, don’t get it - but you don’t get it.

Gray Lee


Just as we were about to upload this review, Tabs Out Cassette Podcast posted this fun interview with Doug and Max where they expound on the creation of this recording. Do not miss:

I supposed this tape would be a worthy addition to my collection, and I was not wrong.

I supposed this tape would be a worthy addition to my collection, and I was not wrong.