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VOODOOHOP - "Entropia Coletiva II"


Voodoohop - "Entropia Coletiva II"


Groovy downtempo electronica with a strong world vibe bursts out of this release like the flagrantly adorned cover art that represents it. This compilation from Brazil-based collective Voodoohop travels through many music zones, but stays close to the cool, ambient shadows, where smooth rhythms and hypnotic musical compositions dance in the psychedelic night.

The track opener, Spine Tingles by Peter Power, is well worth the price of admission, with cooled-down beats and nearby found sounds that play with the senses in a pleasing way. The following track, Noon, feels like anything but noon, following in the opening track’s shadowy footprints. Other highlights include M. RUX and Thomash’s infectious and upbeat Tukuna Hering, that induces dancing on contact, and the absolute burner, Glassminazed, a ten minute journey from Supercombo Los Caviares, with lightweight droning and percussive glassware, creating a transcendent, meditative experience that is tethered to Earth by physical sounds.

Entropia Coletiva II is a brilliantly executed exploration of mood, that defies the variety of artists presented by being fiercely congruous. If you are looking to zone out, or zoom in, trance up, or cool down, this release is waiting there for you, beneath the haunted starlight of an endless sky.

Gray Lee

MOLLY TIGRE -"Molly Tigre"


Molly Tigre - “Self Titled”

(Very Special Recordings)

This mystical and legendarily funky afro-jazzed certificate of horn worship comes to us in the form of a bright yellow compact cassette bursting with vintage sounds played by classy people. Molly Tigre jumps and bumps right out of the gate, as soon as the tape lead is around the reel with Hello Bolly - a jiving and thriving jolt of instrumental conniving, punctuated with steamy drum beats and flaming flute scrollwork.

Horns are locked into place firmly over an irresistable bass groove on the track Lebanese Blood. A great brass line breaks into fantastic harmonized solo work by various saxes on Couscous Timbuktu. All the while, percussion and driving bass bid the listener to move with the music under the power of incredible voodoo magnetism. This is a thermometer-crushing heat wave of world-traveled jazz so intense and mesmerizing, you may just begin to question some things about your life.

Molly Tigre hails from New York, New York, and one can’t help but picture this music spilling out onto a city street at night, as the unbearable heat of the day is finally waning and a soft breeze is a gentle reminder what it's like to be alive outside.

Perhaps you meet your lover at this underground club where this wild quintet is blasting the hypnotic groove of Y Knot.  This funky jazz soul explosion is just the kind of thing New York is famous for. Everyone is from somewhere, and they all belong. Each human in the room is lit up with hot blue, red, orange, and green lights, raising their hands in the air, all exist together as magical musical beings, bound together in unity as this polyrythmic spirit circus throws it down late into the night.

Gray Lee