Mister Dizzy - “LoVape”

(DMT Tapes)

Mister Dizzy spins us around with this sample-free vaporwave toke known as LoVape. Smokey tracks with plenty of buzzing VHS distortions abound in this release, blending a variety of musical styles to concoct a vibrant potion of delicious lo-fi jams.

Highlights include the gain heavy brightness of toga party or the Casio-rich keyboard ballad rainy window. The crunchy overdriven bass of groggy morning paints a vape-heavy backdrop for woozy synth melodies to slide across like Salvador Dali melting into a davenport after a night of absurdity. An award of 'best title' should be bestowed upon ninja sax party, although the track speaks for itself, sounding like a sleazy Saturday Night Live commercial break bumper that's been demagnetized.

The closer, credits music is crafted to slowly break the spell and return the listener to waking life. LoVape remains at our beckon, however, for the next time we need a good puff of the magic formula.

Gray Lee

ANDROSS 5225 - "Andross 5225"


Andross 5225 - “Andross 5225”


With a warbling vintage electronic sound like the opening credits of an 80s classroom science class VHS about the wonders of space, Andross 5225 is a sweet slice of outer-space future retro. Set in a distant future where artificial intelligence guides travelers on their tour of the galaxy, each selection of Andross 2055 is teeming with fuzzy synths and satisfyingly crunchy rhythms. So, take your protein pills, and put your helmet on - this far out oddity will take you to the stars and back.

After the straightforward opening credits of 5225, strap in with Space Voyage, a track that has all the optimistic hope of unknown sights on the distant starry horizon. This is the kind of music that makes me truly believe that Pluto is really still a planet after all. (I’m not ready to part with My Very Excellent Mother Just Made Nine Pizzas.) The third track, Corrupted AI, introduces a dramatic problem. Up to this point your robotic pilot has taken care of everything and the journey has been smooth sailing - but now something is wrong. Probably a virus.

Incoming Transmission is a super funky track that lets us know that rescue is on the way. In fact, the transmission is SO funky and jams SO hard, that you’re not even worried about being stranded in space. Cue chair dance! After being picked up by the freaky funkadelic aliens, take a tour of their bizarre alien craft in the vaporious track - Inside. After some hijinx with the alien crew and the completion of our galactic tour, we finally learn some sort of heartfelt lesson about the meaning of true life being love, or some mess like that - in the track, Stardust. And with that, the journey is over.

Overall, Andross 5225 is a lighthearted and enjoyable bit of space-themed vaporwave that entertains without overstaying its welcome or overusing audio gimmicks. There is a good variety of styles contained in the movement of the release, and a narrative is successfully conveyed in a pleasant way.


The cassette edition of Andross 5225 is sold out, but the digital is still available, meaning you can take your very own space journey right now.

Gray Lee

åmßêrVVåvê§ - "Organics"


 åmßêrVVåvê§ - "Organics"

(Power_Lunch Corporation) 

 Lush beats, natural sounds, and smooth synths swirl together in a refreshing concoction of electronic bliss. Enter a world where vibrant landscapes are lit with gentle sunsets, and twilight brings an incandescent energy powered by earth magic.

Born in clear, focused vaporwave, Organics is a lo-fi burner that delivers a surprisingly meditative energy - through peaceful audio imagery from another realm. In the track, Secret Garden, a soft synth pad backed by bird calls forms the foundation on which a repeating melody plays, on Photosynthetic, a simple, looping rhythm and a pair of reverb-enriched triplets repeat a call and response, and Tranquility brings us a nightscape with crickets and gently undulating sounds that evoke cool forests and placid waters.

Organics neatly fits in a much needed role as a soothing balm of electronic serenity that listeners will find themselves returning to for repeat plays.

Gray Lee 

ll nøthing ll - "Therapy Session"



  ll nøthing ll - "Therapy Session"

(Mt. Fujifilm Softworks) 

It's a lovely afternoon in the future. A couple of surface scavengers in sun protection suits sift through the rubble of scorched earth to find cultural artifacts from a bygone age. One of the scavengers carefully moves a pile of rubble, uncovering a bundle of tapes.

These tapea are one of the last remaining clues from the civilization that came before. The scavengers hurry back to the subterranean city to examine this landmark find. 

Each tape is marked as an audio journal. The team gathers around the ancient tape machine as funky pop music begins to fill the air. You can hear these lost whispers from long ago on this release from ll nøthing ll.

Classic experiments in vaporwave thump and bump in their crush-converted 16kbs glory. ll nøthing ll blends excellent sample curation and production, with acute knowledge of the format to acheive optimum waves. It's a low down jam perfect for those mind cleansing moments alone, contemplating the path of the universe. Available in digital and floppy formats. 

Gray Lee

Original release:

Floppy release:


OUTER 神殿 & BOB GENGIS KHAN - "Cɾ∪ƨhəᑯ Conversionƨ 2"


Outer 神殿 & Bob Gengis Khan - "Cɾ∪ƨhəᑯ Conversionƨ 2"

(Bogus Collective) 

Hazy spirals of classic-tinged vaporwave open this release, as Outer 神殿 takes center stage on side A. Good interferences and stereo bounce can be found behind clever titles like "Martial Arts Emulator" and "Lagoon Punch (On the 5th Floor.) What begins as a casual vapor release transmutates into something else entirely, as the phacade crumbles and falls away - piece by piece - revealing the tumultuous energy clouds within. Each successive track is more and more beleaguered with layers of hectic disarray. 

Bob Gengis Kahn carries the torch on side B, letting loose an even more disintegrated selection of works. Fragments of scattered transmissions are flung at the lstener with increasing abandon until total annihilation is reached. Tracks such as "ßit(coin) b00ty" are so destroyed that they barely occupy our dimension at all, as if we are examining the residue of a musical creation within the package that once held it, trying to imagine what it must have sounded like.

In the end, Crushed Conversions 2 is aptly titled. It is a empty casket filled with completely derailed shadows that only exist as unsolved equations.   

Gray Lee


P A T H S パス - "Vaporwave 2 - 謎の宮殿 "


P A T H S パス - "Vaporwave 2 - 謎の宮殿"

(Power_Lunch Corporation) 

P A T H S パス leads us down a dark, shimmering tunnel into an afterlife filled with knee-deep glimmering water. Moonlight streams through an open manhole cover, and somewhere in the distance the he-beast calls out in the musty chambers of the night.

This is a release entitled " Vaporwave 2 - 謎の宮殿" and it certainly feels like we are beyond vaporwave at this point. It's a darkly echoed affair in the shadowy passages of a mysterious palace on another plane of existence, after everything that once was, is no longer.

Throatless voices call out un-hearable words as a pounding heartbeat reverberates off the slimy bricks of eternity's drainage system. All the while, the fragments of a forgotten melody rattle around on dusty ledges. There is fire and anguish in the pit below, and the din of it reaches to the upper halls where mechanical jackals of war restlessly dream.

Gray Lee


TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL - "Sunseeker VIP"



TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL - “Sunseeker VIP”

(Power Lunch Corporation)

It’s time to head to that special place in your closet where you keep your ‘sailing clothes!’ That’s right, my friend, we are headed down to the yacht club to jump on a Sleek Yet Elegant vessel and head out onto the sparkling waters with Sunseeker VIP, a new release from TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL!

Captain’s hat? Check. Too-short-shorts? Right on. Boat shoes? You betcha! Add an anchor necklace and an open, over-wide collar and you’re ready for the open sea. There’s only one more thing – you need some happening music to play over the ship’s speakers to set the right mood. That’s where Sunseeker VIP comes in. It’s a veritable Encyclopedia Britannica of yacht sailing music. Slow, smooth beats, plenty of gentle piano loops and hot guitar licks will have you feeling the surge of confidence that we in-the-know call captain’s courage. If ever in doubt, just ask yourself, “what would Christopher Cross do?” and you’ll know the answer.

Nothing says status like a yacht. And nothing says luxury like wining and dining on the open sea while you listen to powerful music. Sunseeker VIP is that powerful music. Don’t leave port without it. Aye Aye, Captain.

Gray Lee  



Fictional Girlfriend - "Perfume Garden"

(Junk Maker Sounds) 

A good bit of the vaporwave genre tries to capture a hyper-technological retro future filled with neon-lit Tokyo alleyways and Greek statues listening to boomboxes with anime schoolgirls, but Fictional Girlfriend has something else in mind entirely - a dark, brooding dronefest in the confined service corridors of an oppressive, rusted factory.

There are certainly strong vaporwave tendencies here, such as in the intro to the opening track Double Ought Gardens, but for a larger part of the release, the focus is on well-constructed ambient drone pieces that invoke a close, anxious, boiler-room-at-night kind of feeling.  Phobes Breath would be a perfect example of this. It is a brilliantly dark piece that conjures flickering ghosts in shadowy corners. 

Despite the spooky, unsettling vibe - or perhaps because of it - Perfume Gardens is a densely packed audio experience that one finds themselves returning to, perhaps trying to unravel the mystery again., earning the Houdini Mansions stamp of: [Highly Recommend]

Gray Lee