toxic substances

ASBESTOS LEAD ASBESTOS - "Nature of the Feline"


Asbestos Lead Asbestos - “Nature of the Feline”

Easy, safe, non-challenging music with peaceful and predictable content is not going to come from a group with a name that is a literal sandwich of toxic things. Chicago duo Asbestos Lead Asbestos presents Nature of the Feline, a chaotic jumble of musical styles including dream pop, experimental, industrial, and rock. Acoustic guitars blend with pulsating drum machines, over-driven electric blends with hazy, damaged samples. Across these crunchy amalgamations, ALA dances with avant-garde glee, singing catchy and irreverent folk rock songs on a wide range of topics.

Smoke Too Much is a warm, buzzing synth and a driving beat, paired with wistful shoegaze vocals and a curiously placed sample of a phone scammer. Wash the Smegma Off Your Dick is a loud, noise-rock PSA to all the fellas. I Don’t Want U 2 Leave is a tender pop ballad with delivered with pitch shifted vocal doubles that is immediately followed with the digitally disfigured album closer Motherfucker Won’t You Pass the Marimba, which dares you not to get its repeated chorus stuck in your aching brain.

Overall, Asbestos Lead Asbestos takes the unpredictable, ugly style of destructive alterna-punk avant-garde and creates a balanced audio experience that constantly changes, holding the interest of the listener throughout the release. Highly recommended for audio adventurers that are fed up with things and just want to burn it all down - but then cuddle in front of an old movie.

Gray Lee