JENNIFER DOLL - "With Everything"


Jennifer Doll - "With Everything"

(Weatnu Records) 

Electronic artist and songwriter Jennifer Doll blends clear, genuine vocals with pleasing pop instrumentation for this fresh-sounding EP, With Everything. As a release it really does have a bit of everything.

Each track is built up with layers of sequenced instruments that form a dense musical foundation upon which Jennifer Doll's bright voice dances across. From shimmering pools of synth backed with electro-pop drums in Siren Song, to fuzz powered bass stacked with idm beats and reverb-tinged backup vocals in Secrets of the Dance Floor, to the electric string backed ballad, Heavy, Jennifer Doll packs this EP with musical variety.

"Can anybody hear it? All the broken truths, And hollow lies?,"

she sings, in Secrets of the Dance Floor, a song about combating normalcy of living in a dishonest society. A bonus track, Glitter Tits, explores a youthful party where glitter ends up everywhere. 

In this release, Jennifer Doll delivers some open, heartfelt songwriting - while wielding multiple musical styles with layered track-building.  Recommended for your autumn playlists, or early evening twilit upstairs shoegazing.

Gray Lee