Goblinsmoker - "Toad King"

(The Sludgelord) 

Heavy sludge drips over every inch of this driving slice of stoner metal. The toad king is indeed alive and well, and he's got some dastardly deeds in store for the dwellers of murky, shadowy places.

Crunchy guitars of doom lockstepped with throbbing stabs of toxic bass and banging thuds of percussion dominate the track as an unholy minion of the underworld screeches out gargled incantations of filth in the opening title track of this terrifying triptich.

The second offering in this slimy ritual is a lenghty tome of unfortunate, and muddy profanity known as Take the Dead. We are not certain where the dead are being taken, but we do not care to argue with the growling creature that directs the dead to be taken. A slowly churning chord progression of psychedelic death echoes across the swampy pits of ruin that the Toad King inhabits, only ordered from chaos by clang and clamor of orc-hammered drums. A inhuman litany of unspeakable deeds is hurled from the witch-mouthed amphibian as the dissoving waves of sludge boil and swirl faster, sweeping up into a funnel of dark, dingy muck.

At last, a dank stone door is heaved aside, and in a rank cave filled with toadlings, a dark ceremony begins in the track Time to Ride. The hideous creatures gather their ill-begotten powers to mount a new offensive, screaming into the night sky that "The time has come." As the final driving pulse of rotten metal surges in intensity, the Toad King laughs manically and orders his murderous army to march upon the unsuspecting inhabitants of the earth.

Gray Lee

KUROKUMA - "Dope Rider"


Kurokuma - "Dope Rider"

(Doom Stew) 

In the 1970s, artist Paul Kirchner created a brilliantly illustrated, psychedelic comic strip called Dope Rider, which featured a skeleton cowboy known as the Lone Stoner who traveled through and had experiences in bizarre and outlandish landscapes. The comic strip's decade long appearances in the iconic marijuana magazine High Times brought Kirchner's work to a broader audience, and inextricably tied the imagery and content of Dope Rider with drug culture.

In 2018, Kirchner gave permission to sludge metal band Kurokuma to create a brief concept album based on the legendary comic. The band was inspired by the original and unique approach of Kirchner's art and writing, and wanted to create a sound experience that could capture that essence. The result is Dope Rider, the album.

Dope rider is thirteen minutes of white-knuckle, head pounding, stoner glory, full of crunchy, distorted guitar riffs, thunderous percussion, and wild vocalizations. While many metal acts focus and channel aggression and anger in their style, Kurokuma devote themselves to a ritualistic worship of volume. Everything in this recording is loud, over the top, and out of control - while maintaining a driving, trance-like sludge sound.

The result is a release that, while very short, is a surprisingly cathartic and varied journey, much like the intriguing art which inspired it. The album, which was previously released on cassette and compact disc, is now available on vinyl with some exclusive comic art.  

Gray Lee

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WEED DEMON -”Astrological Passages”


Weed Demon-”Astrological Passages”

(Electric Valley Records)

Sultans of stoner rock Weed Demon spark up the jams (and maybe something else) for a special vinyl release of their 2017 Astrological Passages.

This release represents the very best of the stoner metal genre, and the track Primordial Genocide exemplifies this. It burns slow at almost 9 minutes long with sludgy Black Sabbath-espue riffs and raspy baritone growls and chants accentuated by the occasional banshee shriek.

Oh, and don’t forget the absolutely bitching instrumental section that starts at around 3:03. I guarantee you will be playing air guitar along with the solo.

As far as aesthetics go, the track titles, lyrical imagery and album artwork distills all the best stoner “what-ifs” that have ever been thought of while passing around the bong.

In many a basement and toke-up spot, the title of the aforementioned Primordial Genocide will definitely launch many a spaced-out soliloquy on the existence of prehistoric advanced civilizations.

Sampling of said soliloquy: “Duuude, what if there was some sort of Primordial Genocide of this advanced race of beings way, waaay before our time? That’s why we have no trace of them today bro!!!”

Yeah dude...sure.

While you tell me more about that, why don’t you go ahead and click the link to pre-order this beautiful vinyl release?

The ancient aliens will greatly appreciate it.

Theron Willis

P.S. Be sure to check out Jettisoned. Let’s just say the harmonica has been taken to another level of cool in my book.