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Alex Hunnicutt - "Honey" 

The writers here at Houdini Mansions are no strangers to The Craving; the constant, gnawing hunger for different and challenging music. This insatiable desire drives us to dig through the digital crates of the Internet in the desperate hope of discovering something rare and delightful. Sometimes, we’re looking for something visceral, other times we need something more cerebral; but occasionally, we just need something that satisfies our musical sweet tooth.

Honey is the latest release from smooth rock and blues guitarist Alex Hunnicutt. Each one of the album’s eight tracks is endowed with a funky groove that serves to underscore Hunnicutt’s soulful singing and highlight his technical proficiency on the guitar. As a collection of songs, it is extremely appealing to both pop and light rock sensibilities

This is the kind of music my dad and I could agree upon. It has a little bit of something for most musical palates. In fact, I recommend pairing Honey with liquid spirits and good company.

Mark H. Jones 

Visit Alex's official website for more information on this excellent release.

Check out a live acoustic performance of the album's title track!!!!

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HONEYFITZ - “Cutting Your Hair”


Honeyfitz - “Cutting Your Hair”

We age, we change. Our friends do too. Our cells are dying and replacing themselves. None of us can be who we were a week ago. Growing up is almost akin to depersonalization; throughout our twenties we watch our friends enter careers or start families while we just seem to waste our own time, and none of it feels real. We desperately try to wrest control from the clutches of time, and when that doesn’t work, we try to find methods of managing our disappointment. Cutting Your Hair is, to me, like a declaration of failure to cope with rapid life changes; while at the same time clamping an iron grip upon blissful moments and using them to anchor one’s identity in reality.

“This is a song for the pieces of yourself that once you give away you can’t get back.This is a song for the people who are cutting their hair, who can’t remember what they looked like with hair cut short.”

Elihu Jones (no relation to this writer) is the sole member of Honeyfitz, and under this moniker he has been touring basement and living room DIY venues since he was barely old enough to obtain a driver’s license. While his minimalist stage show consists of guitar, drum machine, and vocal loops, his performances and recordings shed the somewhat gimmicky spectacle that can often accompany loop-based acts. Honefitz focuses on meeting the audience eye to eye and heart to heart. It’s easy to ignore the novelty of his method for creating intricate pop music before your eyes because the songs are so damned honest.

To quote Elihu himself: “This is one for the people who have started writing again, the people dying their hair, and the people working hard to make new friends.”

That sounds like pretty much all of us to me.

Mark Jones - Preorder Cutting Your Hair on 7" vinyl now!


Editors note:

Honeyfitz was featured on The Hoodoo Music Podcast, episode #37 - listen here: