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Mister Dizzy - “LoVape”

(DMT Tapes)

Mister Dizzy spins us around with this sample-free vaporwave toke known as LoVape. Smokey tracks with plenty of buzzing VHS distortions abound in this release, blending a variety of musical styles to concoct a vibrant potion of delicious lo-fi jams.

Highlights include the gain heavy brightness of toga party or the Casio-rich keyboard ballad rainy window. The crunchy overdriven bass of groggy morning paints a vape-heavy backdrop for woozy synth melodies to slide across like Salvador Dali melting into a davenport after a night of absurdity. An award of 'best title' should be bestowed upon ninja sax party, although the track speaks for itself, sounding like a sleazy Saturday Night Live commercial break bumper that's been demagnetized.

The closer, credits music is crafted to slowly break the spell and return the listener to waking life. LoVape remains at our beckon, however, for the next time we need a good puff of the magic formula.

Gray Lee