True Blossom - “Heater”

(Citrus City Records)

Atlanta pop band True Blossom brings us this striking ode to traditional studio sounds, with lovely throwbacks to 70s grooves & rhythms, with warm, shimmering vocals that would melt the most frozen of hearts. This is Heater, the ten-track debut for the band, and a compelling listen throughout.

The opening track Baby, kicks off this release with a thumping, funky bassline, vibrant synths, and enough wiki wiki guitar licks to get your bell bottoms moving. Singer Sophie Cox smoothly tops the groovy concoction with soft, inviting lyrics and harmonies. The band’s fascination with studio technique shows in the cleverly layered mixing of this album, with a rich selection of finely tuned sounds - but underneath is a real nuts-and-bolts framework of songwriting and arrangement that really brings up the temperature.

The lyrics and content here are not out of place - Heater is proudly pop music. You’ll hear of heartbreak, love, sadness, and bliss. Mostly, it all turns to bliss. In the track We’ve All Been Here Before, there are themes of breakup and failed reunion, but with the hot synth hook, driving bass, and perky drums - you can’t help but feel good. The beautiful harmonies of Grave Robbers, and the tight groove of I Still Hate You bring depth to the album. The title track, Heater, really bumps with locked in bass and drums, thrilling vocal embellishments, and fun synths. You may hear a small sound inside yourself - that’s your icy heart melting with Heater.

Gray Lee