SZARA RENETA - "Dawne Cmentarze Żydowskie 2 / Old Jewish Cemeteries 2"


SZARA RENETA - "Dawne Cmentarze Żydowskie 2 / Old Jewish Cemeteries 2"

(Szara Reneta)

Szara Reneta presents a volume of contemplative field recordings made in the Jewish cemeteries of three villages in southern Poland, Czarny Dunajec and Podwilk. These recordings are peaceful, natural documents of the places in which they were created. Foliage is gently moved by the breeze, birds share their song. In the distance, beyond the borders of these burial grounds, daily life goes on. We often ignore quiet places of reverence that exist in the corners of our hectic lives. We pass by the solemn places of reflection that remind us of our humanity. It is a wonderous thing to close the eyes, and rest in the moment.

Before accepting that moment and chalking this release up as a simple recording of collected sound, take a ride with the far out final track of the release, which is a noisy, intrusive remix of the first track. Droning sounds and digital distortions twist the now familiar sounds in wrenching way that defies understanding. Perhaps this is a statement about human life; how we take things that are peaceful and abandon them to ruin, allowing them to corrupt, dissolve, and become lost to the ages.

Gray Lee