RHUCLE - "More Beautiful Than Silence"


Rhucle - “More Beautiful Than Silence”

(Constellation Tatsu)

Rhucle returns with another starry sky full of wide-open promise and heartfelt wonder made from ambient vibes dripping with echo-laden odes to beautiful autumn nights walking in cool crisp air and dreaming. Soft soundscapes full of moonlight and rain, drizzled with gentle synth beds and lightly imbued with distant and vaguely human field recordings help to create a sound that is solitary, but not lonely.

This release opens with a calming track entitled With the Natural Noise - a soothing blend of transcendent beauty and skygazing. Each selection on the album delivers a powerful dose of deep breath, slow heartbeat, and open thoughts focused on good memories and hopes for the future - perfect for your afternoon wanderings, or evening reflections.

For those of you familiar with Rhucle’s work, this release is a perfect companion for last year’s Fantastic Garden - the two releases offer different perspectives of the same serene ideal - offering precious moments of escape from the pressures of modern living.

Gray Lee