The Tuesday Night Machines - “Hawaiian Yurt Music”

(Strategic Tape Reserve)

THe softly undulating rise and fall of ocean waves backs this relaxing and immersive audio experience that you could certainly listen to any night of the week, (not just on Tuesday nights.) This fine selection of music, which - get this - was recorded in a Hawaiian yurt, just like the title so subtly suggests, is imbued with a centered tropical power, warm rhythms, and smooth, cool melodies - with just enough unusual synth weirdness to make it fit perfectly on an oddball tape label like STR.

The opening track, Honolulu Touchdown, sets the tone for the rest of the release, blending those deeply satisfying low end beats with flowery synth explorations that instantly begin to massage the listener’s tensions. The palpable vibe continues on through the next couple of selections. The track Weather Patterns introduces some gentle rain, and echoing patterns of harp-like sounds that eventually give way to a beautiful electro-calypso beat, a pleasing bass loop, and some quirky electric jazz solos.  Later in the album, low tide and a sunset mean quiet introspection beside the fire as tree frogs serenade the beach-goers. Drums, bass and a whole lot of electric mess make themselves known with buzzing mixtures of modern and ancient sensibilities.

When the life you are living becomes thoroughly un-Hawaiian, head for this virtual yurt, (would this be YURTual reality?,) where electropical melodies weave in and out of transcendent compositions that could easily make themselves part of your music collection, if you let them.

Gray Lee