VVV - "Canson Months"


VVV - “Canson Months”

(Hellscape Records)

Dark, echoy, and enjoyably off-kilter recordings characterise this release from VVV - a careening night groove filled with cautious footsteps and whispered questions. While ambient showers of cool, shadowy presence color the lens through which this ghostly cinema is projected, powerful rhythms keep the ear attenuated and the body tempted to move.

The eerie opening track, Greyhound, is a lighthearted, yet macabre amusement park ride in the dark, which sets the tone of this release right away. Other tracks, such as Tangled Highwire and Lithia, add to the mystique by blending pop, EBM, and gothic sounds to create cemetery dance music for broken-hearted spooky kids. The title track, Canson Months is built on a driving beat and icy cool moods delivered by smooth synth and distant chanting voices. Flash Flood introduces a world music feel that expands the reach of the album without betraying the prevalent atmosphere.

Canson Months is a release that always seems to be resting comfortably between juxtaposing of disparate styles and sounds, pulling together ambient chill vibes with looped pop choruses and compelling beats, all while making it sound like a moonlit night outside a haunted factory. 

Gray Lee