KALEEM X WILL - "Light of Heaven"


Kaleem X Will - "Light of Heaven"

(Immersion Complete) 

Sail across a crystal expanse into a brightly lit, swiftly moving metropolis where the future is happening in Light of Heaven. This release begins with From Water to Land,a dreamy, gliding synth pattern that slowly transitions from the peaceful, oceanic peacefulness to a more down-to-earth sound that is cattied forward in the second track Sinking Castle. This feels like the true arrival on a new terrain, surveying all of the overwhelming beauty - and also the dark, deep injustices and evil that simmer beneath the surface.

There is a serenity and peace in Kaleem X Will's work that is tempered with sorrow and longing, and examinations of the mechanical inner workings of life. Opposing musical ideas are readily played against each other in lengthy crossfades that create chaotic interplays between notes and rhythms.

The audio concepts of Light of Heaven are arranged in poetic couplets that appear to call and respond to each other. Moon's Intimidation pairs with Suns Strength, Abyss with Ocean Rebirth. It is this type of artful ideation that keeps this release in motion, always en route to the next chapter. 

Gray Lee