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POOL KIDS-"Music to Practice Safe Sex to" [Video Included!!!]

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Pool Kids-"Music to Practice Safe Sex to" 

Tallahassee two-hand-tapping troubadours Pool Kids break the genre mold and grind it into dust with their stunning full-length debut Music to Practice Safe Sex to.

This girl-fronted rock band possesses the heart-on-your-sleeve genuineness of good lo-fi indie combined with a technical prowess and precision rare to the genre. In addition, the vocals and overall performance bear a passionate emotiveness that showcases the best of emo.

In a nutshell, indie, math rock, emo and a touch of post-rock intersect and meld together to form a sound that is all Pool Kids and no one else’s.

Case in point, $5 Subtweet kicks off with a start-stop math-rock riff of intertwining dual guitars. A thundering rhythmic accompaniment of drums and bass fuel the tune with pure, crystalline vocals riding high atop the sonic fray. Before you know it, the intricate but frantic melodic melee cuts to a dreamy half-time outro.  A nice steady drum beat and bass line supports a soft, picked out guitar line with gentle, soothing vocals carrying the song into oblivion.

See Pool Kids perform $5 Subtweet in an exclusive live performance!!!

$5 Subtweet clocks in at under two-and-a-half minutes but packs a hell of a punch with energy and variety.

This fantastic little ditty represents the album as a whole; tight and punchy with no frills. Just good, unique music played by a young band with a cohesion and maturity well beyond their years.

Click the link and check out Music to Practice Safe Sex to with no fear of viruses or communicable diseases. The only thing contagious about this release is its catchy songs!

Theron Willis

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