Sea of Poppies - "S/T"

With a pleasant, sleepy-time name like Sea of Poppies, you wouldn't expect this release to deliver this searing transmission of hardcore analog noise right into your ear holes, but that is indeed exactly what this is. Prepare yourself for a real mind sizzle, as unforgiving, screeching surges of power electronics blaze themselves out of your speakers, laying waste to thought processes, emotions, worries - anything that was occupying the mind prior to cranking this righteously malevolent audio onslaught.

Each of the three untitled tracks featured on this self-titled release are created using varying techniques to create blistering documents of pure chaos, forged in a furious upheaval of ragged, tumultuous sound. The last brutal track, which tops 12 minutes in length, is a relentless journey through a violent noise dimension, that will leave you to sit silently and ponder things for a little while when it finally fades away.

This release is available on cassette, directly from the artist in an edition of 30.

Gray Lee