FRENCH 75 - "French 75"


French 75 - "French 75"

(Power Lunch Corporation) 

Set your seat into the reclined position and order another martini. It's time to take a flight on the Power Lunch Corporate jet. Your destination?

The future.

No wait! Don't go! Not our actual future! A perfectly groovy future full of funky vibes and endless vacations. Prepare yourself to be transported to the sunny shores of French 75, a resort for your troubled soul. This is vaporwave of the highest order - with plenty of chopped and screwed vintage vibes waiting to caress your mind like warm tropical breezes. 

As the jetliner lands on the runway, beats drop with impossible thump, samples converge in an intoxicating mixture of sun, sex, and sleaze. It's like being in a perpetual dream where a mop-headed, tweed wearing secret agent fires one-liners at every villain as he drives classic foreign sports cars and buys mixed beverages for freckled French beauties. 

The successful team-up of Danger.ファルコン.1989 and METAPRISE APPLICATIONS brings us this exploitave escape. Rich samples lock in with overpowered beats in all the best ways as dense distortions wash each audio channel with countless layers of disintegration, making this one of my favorite vaporwave releases of the year so far.  

Gray Lee