ZAUMNE - "Emo Dub"


Zaumne - "Emo Dub"

(Czaszka Records)

Zaumne adds this selection to the latest Czaszka Records batch with this oddly satisfying, yet inexplicably unsettling release, Emo Dub

The music itself is chill and downtempo, and would normally be very relaxing, but there is a disturbing undercurrent in this piece that comes from the sampled voices that accompany the music. Floating atop cool synth vibes and pleasing structures are voices that are almost like intimate whispers in the listener's ear. The repeated spoken phrases, (Such as the sample from the track, "Special," which is handwritten as the cover art of this release,) are cut up and pitch/speed shifted at various intervals that are not quite human. The juxtaposition of intimate human feeling with robotic repetition and affectation begins to take a life of its own. 

As we progress through the release, the music turns ever-so-slightly to a darker vibe as the voices continue to ebb, flow and change form. The transitions from zone to zone are powerfully smooth, and each vocal sample seems to have been painstakingly chosen to represent different feelings, while adhering to the strict aesthetic of the project. Though each track has a slightly different resonance, all are produced with a laser precision, creating an overall effect for the listener of intense emotions being projected on a moving surface. It is as if Emo Dub is a collection of stray feelings from passing strangers that become trapped within the context of this 44 minute piece and then move along on the surface of it, reflecting back into the world.

Gray Lee