Toothy Boy

NIKMIS - "#17"


Nikmas - "#17"

(Third Kind Records)

Japan-based classitronic composer Nikmis adds another solid release of synthesizer work to their outstanding discography. #17 is a lighthearted journey through a mystical land far away. In the opening pair of tracks, Cold Heaven and Hot Blood, a story is introduced through quirky electronic instrumentation - perhaps the story of Toothy Boy - who awakens one bright morning and gets out of bed by walking one step to the right.

Emerging from the covers fully dressed, Toothy Boy goes downstairs to find his mother making a pie. She chides him for sleeping in and tells him that it is important for him to head to the castle right away, because the king has had another dream.

All along the way to the castle, various villagers comment to Toothy Boy about how the king has had another dream and that Toothy Boy should definitely head to the castle right away, and not rummage through the unattended treasure chests found in the houses of the townspeople. At one point, he becomes annoyed with the villagers and tries to leave town, only to be blocked by a shrubbery. 

At last arriving at the castle, Toothy Boy is summoned to the throne room where the frantic king awaits. "I've had another dream!" He shouts, "You must interpret my dream!"

The music on #17 is that dream. We are welcomed to a distant land filled with enchantment, wonder, and all the classic electronic tones your heart could hope for. Don't be fooled by the cute approach! There is some serious composition in these pieces - definitely worth a listen. From the opening track's cathedral/organ overtones to the unusual children's choir at the end, #17 is full of fascinating musical zones and weirdo electronica. The deal is sweetened with a cassette release that comes to us courtesy of  Third Kind Records and features some striking reversible cover art. 


Gray Lee