YUTO OHASHI - "Juvenile - insubstantial, re​-​present"


YUTO OHASHI - "Juvenile - insubstantial, re-present"

(Cudighi Records)

Singular piano notes and softly digitized vocals float above a gently rolling lake of hypnotic ambient drones on die Leere (世界がもし透明だったら,) the opening track of this strangely comforting assemblage from Tokyo-based sound artist, Yuto Ohashi. The unusual sensations continue in the second track, Holma - backed by a synth that ping-pongs between two notes, layered with softly bubbling vocals and flowing pan effects that curl in the air.

This is Juvenile - insubstantial, re-present, a presentation of audio poetry that blends sound textures with airy, meditative synth lines, and digitally-altered spoken word pieces to form intriguing aural works that challenge the listeners perception of time and space in a pleasant, extraterrestrial way. Each track is a microcosm of wandering energies and displaced voices, melded with “real-world” sounds that twist and turn around the curving avenues of the music.

While certainly a trippy head journey - Yuto Ohashi is able to create a contiguous experience that doesn’t rely on the usual audio tropes to accomplish the goal. Each selection is crafted with balance, and carefully folded precision that gently pushes the listener to form a unified vision of the artistic whole. Excellent for quiet evenings writing thoughtful notes, organizing a small shelf of house plants, or zoning out of daily life with eyes closed and mind open, Juvenile - insubstantial, re-present rushes in to expertly fill a vacuum in the tapestry of all recorded sound.

Gray Lee