Psychological Terror

USED CONDO - "Kiosk"


Used Condo - "Kiosk"


The Bumpy label presents this strange concoction of synth and sound by unusual artist Used Condo, an alias for legendarily strange Minnesota music denizen, Larry Wish. Kiosk is a videogame soundtrack for a non-existent game, (at least it doesn’t currently occupy our reality.)

The game is a psycological thriller where a character makes his way through an abandoned mall that is being haunted by a pile of monsters and ghosts, (like most abandoned malls.) As one would expect, the release is full of eerie audio and time shifting lines of electro-babble. The opening track, Receipt of Payment has a no-longer-human voice explain what the game is all about. Then the first level begins with Everybody is People with Clothing like Me. Is the main character seeing ghostly figures and identifying with them, or are they just mannequins in the shadows?

Each track seems to be a different area of the game, with varying degrees of danger and horror. For example, the track Humin Bozos is filled with creepy loops of ghostly wails and oddly swirling sounds that spiral into an abyss at the end. The Tan of Tens of Boppy Booths is a rapidly looping percussive cycle. with ragged clips from a newscast and trippy stereo spirits. The release ends with Highly Trained Agent, who is hopefully someone who is there to rescue the protaganist from the haunted mall.

Kiosk is a psychotropic ride through a hyperactively spiritual environment that had me searching for the game, only to find that it isn’t available in our dimension.

Gray Lee