Aloysius Scrimshaw - “Post-Music”

(Pink Dolphin Music)

Just when you thought underground music couldn’t get any weirder, Aloysius Scrimshaw’s latest release burrows to even lower depths of strangeness and insanity.

With his previous album Kind Regards From Isaac, the Dead Musician imprinted his peculiar style on a folk aesthetic. However, on Post-Music Scrimshaw pivots to a more electronic sound.

Imagine a club of undead ravers hypnotically swaying to an unholy amalgamation of throbbing drum and bass layered with unsettling synth pads and accentuated by guitar and assorted sonic freakery.

Atop of the musical morass, Scrimshaw delivers Rorschach-esque narrations of the macabre and morbid.

The time has come for Post-Music. Pray that your ears are ready.

The time has come for Post-Music. Pray that your ears are ready.

Second Wakeup tells the tale of how claustrophobic and tedious environs pushes a submarine crewman to his absolute breaking point.

Wendigo Psychosis recounts grisly scenes of animalistic barbarity and Creature 432 paints an eerie setting of a house by the lake.

All in all, Post-Music is a solid entry in the Dead Musician’s discography and an interesting artifact in his musical quest for the offbeat and unusual.

Check out the link below to add this disturbing little gem to your collection.

Theron Willis

Sing along with the Dead Musician: “Second wakeup for the shipmate, second wakeup for the shipmate…”