In Case of Emergency

Think this is going to be a “normal” band video? Just wait until you see it!!!

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Well my friends, the latest trilogy of tantalizing tunes and talk from The Hoodoo Music Podcast has reached its epic finale.

If you’re tardy to the fiesta, click here and here.

Though we say goodbye to In Case of Emergency, The Hoodoo Music Podcast has more great content on the way!!!   

Stay tuned!!!

Theron Willis

This band sat down for an interview and you won’t believe what happened next!!!

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Alright loyal Houdiners. Last week, you saw In Case of Emergency tear it up in that exclusive video from The Hoodoo Music Podcast.

(If you’re late to the party or need a refresher, click this link

Now, find out where these punk rock prodigies get the juice and inspiration to deliver their power-chorded aggression with such finesse.

Listen to the latest episode of the Hoodoo Music Podcast for an exclusive interview as well as more of that raucous live performance!!!

Link is below. Do what you gotta do.

Theron Willis

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