FRAGILE X - "The Butterfly Effect"


Fragile X - “The Butterfly Effect”


Electronic artist Fragile X creates energetic explorations of fast-paced synth and rhythms. Their latest release, The Butterfly Effect is a look into that well-known pseudo-scientific theory of chaos that goes something like: If a butterfly flaps it’s wing in Nepal, a sudden gust of wind may cause me to drop my Ashton Kutcher dvd just as I’m precariously dangling it over Niagara Falls for an Instagram photo.

Charged with powerful kinetic movement, The Butterfly Effect could certainly affect the listener, with pulsating electronica designed to move the mind and body, combining the powers of IDM, dub, ambient, and a dozen other musical disciplines to create a complex concoction of rhythm, motion and tonality. Tracks such as Initial Conditions (0.506) and the title track, The Butterfly Effect, are built on driving electronic beats backed by walls of ambient synth, swelling with surges of emotion and light. Other tracks take on a more aggressive IDM/Drum & Bass approach, for example, the track Chaos Theory, which hits hard with fast paced percussion and soars high on clouds of synth bliss.

The tight production and intelligent sound of The Butterfly Effect gain the listener’s attention, while variety in texture and detail maintains the attention span. If you are looking for motivational vibes that are fresh enough to engage, but produced for replayability, The Butterfly Effect is a sure to change your horizon.

Gray Lee