East Coast

DOT DASH - "Proto Retro"


Dot Dash - "Proto Retro"

(The Beautiful Music)

Clean edge harmonies and jangly irreverence characterize this sixth album from Washington, D.C. band Dot Dash. Proto Retro is a fitting title, as this is a now band, pulling from then sounds to create an anachronistic new work that celebrates life, love, and bad boy sugar nonsense in an almost cherubic, innocent way.

Electric guitars jangle through each chord change to create progressions that could easily be the theme music for any 90s sitcom. Overstylized lyrics that always go for the obvious rhyme, backed by ooohs and aaahs lend to the classic feel. The band stays in character throughout the release, slinging background keyboards and fuzzy lead guitars at the listener with a powerful consistency that never drops the veil.

Proto Retro is perfect for mild rebellion, slight disobedience, and youthful excursions to the mall with friends, delivering a polished, east coast rendition of that intangible Burger Records sound. This collection of anthemic two-minute gems can effortlessly fill out any feel good playlist or party mixtape.

Gray Lee