Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band - “One For The Heads”

(Baked Tapes)

How ‘Just Exactly Perfect’ is this new release from slow rocking, psychedelic spell-casting Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band? Well, friend, that depends on what you want. Do you want two sidelong tracks of narcotic rock goodness, flavored with all the hippie violins and cult commune jams you can handle? Then One For The Heads is just exactly perfect for you.

Side A, a twenty-four minute toke entitled Music is the Healing Force of the Universe, is a CIA-grade dose of psychotropic goodness, straight from the gardens of the gods - complete with picked out guitar essence and ghostly voices echoing around a clandestine bonfire. It’s a smoky, lusty heave of lazily thumping percussion, curling fiddle scrollwork, and spiraling, droning ease that will have you abandoning your suit and tie for a life contemplating the universe.

Side B, Living On Tulpa Time / Cleanhead Boogie / Venusian Red Cross, is a jam session like no other. If the first half of this album took you there, this half will keep you there, man. This side of the release may or may not be divided into three distinct parts as the title suggests. Review is unclear. Check back with me later.

With the perfect balance of ethereal excursions into metaphysical planes of ultimate freedom, and down and dirty rock and roll jam band sleaze, One For The Heads is a trip worth taking. Grab this one up and enjoy it. Cooked up for you by the good folks at Baked Tapes.

Gray Lee