QUIMPER - "Perdide"


Quimper - “Perdide”

A soft-edged, quckly moving keyboard introduces this quirky, inward-looking ousider release Perdide from UK band Quimper. The release takes no time to move into experimental zones, with the track Lovely Bees, which buzzes in the ear with heated looped synth lines and almost whispered vocals.  Warm Carpenter follows with a driving beat, weaving synth augmentations, and choir-like vocals reverberating in the background.

This collection of strange music, which the band self-describes as “wonky pop,” is a glimpse into another world that is quite different from the one we inhabit. It is one of those weird planets where many ordinary-looking things are very dangerous, and everything is a vastly different shade and color than one expects it to be. The title track, Perdide, presents a looping buzzing bass line that is visited by unearthly voices. The sparse vocals that occasionally drift through these wobbling synth meanderings are hauntingly echoed, and delicately faint. The meaning derived is wordless and obscure.

The sum of all the parts is an otherworldly audio experience that transports the listener in a pensive way, enabling one to travel to another world, where strange wonky-pop illustrates a colorfully odd existence. Though electronics play a large role in the production, Quimper has cultivated a powerfully organic sound with an aural artistry that plays on the senses to create a light tension and wonder.

Gray Lee

WHETTMAN CHELMETS- “Miniforms 1: Movements” and “Miniforms 2: Ten Pin Alley” [FREE CODES!]

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Whettman Chelmets- “Miniforms 1: Movements” and “Miniforms 2: Ten Pin Alley”


Like many of us in the independent/DIY music world, Matt Clement is a busy adult with a full-time job and a multitudinous host of other obligations and responsibilities.  Nevertheless, after the kids are put to bed and the dishes washed and put away, Matt Clement becomes Whettman Chelmets-a multi-instrumentalist maestro and active netizen of the underground music community.

His latest two EP releases are two selections of carefully curated and lovingly remastered tracks from his 2014 Forms, and each EP displays a different aspect of his multi-faceted musical mind: 

Miniforms 1: Movements displays his compositional chops and programming prowess. Tracks such as Fugue in C Major and Fall of Frigia demonstrate his advanced knowledge of such sophisticated musical concepts as contrapuntal melody and 12 tone theory.

Miniforms 2: Ten Pin Alley does an about-face in style moving from classical composition to pop. However, “pop” is a term that just doesn’t do justice to this tight and punchy release.

Songs such as I Just Wanna Play and That Man Just Stole That Old Lady’s Purse! again demonstrate a profound eclecticism in style ranging from autotune electropop to gypsy jazz.

So with these two EPs, we see a fun and creative exploration of the many different forms that the world of music has to offer.

Chelmets sums it up succinctly by saying, “I love form.”

In addition to his love of musical forms, Whettman Chelmets has a big place in his heart for you the listener, and as a demonstration of his love and generosity, he has given away free download codes as a special Houdini Mansions exclusive!

So what are you waiting for? Grab the codes and click the links below to enjoy some great tunes!

Theron Willis

Miniforms 1: Movements












Miniforms 2: Ten Pin Alley