Bogus Collective

OUTER 神殿 & BOB GENGIS KHAN - "Cɾ∪ƨhəᑯ Conversionƨ 2"


Outer 神殿 & Bob Gengis Khan - "Cɾ∪ƨhəᑯ Conversionƨ 2"

(Bogus Collective) 

Hazy spirals of classic-tinged vaporwave open this release, as Outer 神殿 takes center stage on side A. Good interferences and stereo bounce can be found behind clever titles like "Martial Arts Emulator" and "Lagoon Punch (On the 5th Floor.) What begins as a casual vapor release transmutates into something else entirely, as the phacade crumbles and falls away - piece by piece - revealing the tumultuous energy clouds within. Each successive track is more and more beleaguered with layers of hectic disarray. 

Bob Gengis Kahn carries the torch on side B, letting loose an even more disintegrated selection of works. Fragments of scattered transmissions are flung at the lstener with increasing abandon until total annihilation is reached. Tracks such as "ßit(coin) b00ty" are so destroyed that they barely occupy our dimension at all, as if we are examining the residue of a musical creation within the package that once held it, trying to imagine what it must have sounded like.

In the end, Crushed Conversions 2 is aptly titled. It is a empty casket filled with completely derailed shadows that only exist as unsolved equations.   

Gray Lee