WUSO 命 & SANGAM - "Gaze"


W u s o 命 & Sangam - "Gaze"

(Bludhoney Records) 

A collaborative effort between Wuso and Sangam resulted in Gaze, a thirteen minute mini-album that radiates a cool intensity throughout its runtime. The unique blend of these two esteemed artists' skills is a supreme electronic artwork that paints a vivid picture of sleek, futuristic nighttime city skylines punctuated by glowing neon. Pavement is black with rain, and everything is in a sharp focus, only softened by torrential pouring rain. 

It is difficult to tell where one artist ends and another begins. The blending of these two musicians' strengths creates a style on its own.  Lush ambient meditations are brought to earth by driving but balanced rhythms. Rain sounds add to the feeling of a rainy urban night in the future.

Overall, Gaze certainly packs a punch, and manages to do so despite the short length of the release.

Gray Lee