RADIO EUROPA - "Community is Revolution"


Radio Europa - “Community is Revolution”

(Wormhole World)

The experimental music group Radio Europa has released their fourth album Community Is Revolution—a release with the radical message that in a time of universal division, collaboration is a revolutionary act. 

The core of Radio Europa has always been the Welsh pair Simon Tucker and Steven Leigh. 

However, for this release, the ranks of the group swelled to include fellow Welshman Alec (from the post-punk band Mwstard) and bloody yank Whettman Chelmets (a long, long, long, long, long, long-time friend of HM).  

Some other exemplary contributions include the stunning vocals of Gwenllian Anthony (from post-punkers Adwaith) on the soothingly tranquil track Something Beautiful and the zen-inducing yogic chants of Yoga Satsanga Ashram on Warning Signs/A Chant for Peace.

The group takes their signature spoken word/ambient style into a more progressive direction thanks to the influence of their additional collaborators. 

Old fans and newcomers alike will find much to enjoy, so click the link below and let these trippy soundscapes take your mind to strange and fascinating places.

Theron Willis