Skizza - “fallSEVENriseEIGHT”

Saskatchewan rapper Skizza raps about finding inspiration in the past to power the future. In this hopeful and motivational release, fallsevenriseeight, Skizza calls upon the ancient Japanese proverb,


Fall down seven times,
get up eight

Which is a much more poetic and ringing way of saying this than the Chumbawumbian proverb, “I get knocked down, but I get up again,” With the title, Skizza lets us know right away where his perspective is at, and like fellow Canadian rapper, The Mighty Rhino, (who features on track 8,) Skizza always seems to be looking upward, trying to stay positive and moving toward a goal in the face of adversity.

With bumping tracks produced by BigBoyTraks, Skizza comes across as that comforting, little brother sound. That kid that’s kind of a badass troublemaker on the outside, but really is good as gold. I won’t break down all the tracks here, but standout jams include Oldsmobile Doors, which has one of those catchy atonal choruses that populated rap years ago, Another Bridge City Anthem, which, for many, may be a first source of knowledge about the mysterious northern paradise known as Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I already mentioned the eighth track, Look Before You Leap, which features The Mighty Rhino. I didn’t miss the symbolism of placing this track at the eighth position, (fall seven rise EIGHT, get it?)

Overall, fallSEVENriseEIGHT is one of those releases I find myself returning to just to jam on. It’s got those throwback beats and some bright, shiny lyrical work that I enjoy. Nothing too deep or challenging - just good stuff to bump and perhaps be inspired by.

Gray Lee