LAURA LUNA CASTILLO - "Folksonomies"


Laura Luna Castillo - “Folksonomies”

(Cudighi Records)

Puebla, Mexico-based multimedia artist Laura Luna Castillo creates a miniature world populated with imagined figures in her third release Folksonomies, available now via Cudighi Records. Though every track shares common building blocks of ambient passages, swirling synth loops, and electronic embellishment, each is a distinct audio work with its own personality and set of emotions.

The opening track, I See But Say Nothing is an exploration of looped strings and slowly burgeoning clouds of distant fog, while the next track, Ataris Bellum builds strings and bit-crunched rythmns atop a Badalamenti-esque bed of synth. As the release progresses, it resembles more and more a conversation in the mind between several perspectives, represented by different characters. Beautiful ballad, I Breathe Trust is a solemn hymn of introspection that stands in contrast to Eight Eyes of Anticipation, which hungrily buzzes with electrical signals and sticky webs of glitch.

The sum of all the interlocking puzzle pieces of Folksonomies is a complete work that fully explores the ideas which it expresses. Laura Luna Castillo deftly directs the action in each scene, carrying the listener on a thoughtful walk through the heart and mind. Each segment of the story is carefully balanced and composed to capture the joys and fears of living each day in reality. Explore this music, and your own psyche – with Folksonomies.