BODY TRAINS - "Odonata"


Body Trains - “Odonata”

(Doom Trip)

Like a slow ritual in a darkened parking garage, Odonata gleams with gritty, ambient grind, characterized by driving pulses of rhythm, minimal synth, and sinister layers of electronic sound. In the opening track, Waterhouse, a distant voice chants, as the flames dance higher, and the crooked shadows of the worshipers make the corroded cement walls come to life.

Odonata continues with Distance, a lengthy exploration of whirring machinery and fields of oscillating energies. A dreamy ambient track, Breath of Echo, offers respite from the ravages of the electrical storms, while Eye is a pounding rhythm in the watery tunnels beneath us.

The title track, Odonata is a 16-bit symphonic movement played through gently buzzing cycles of glitched gyromancy. Bullhead Séance, is as whispery and mysterious as it is echoed and minimal. Brittle-Skinned introduces us to a creature summoned by the dark rituals. The closing track, Invisible, is a light and airy ambient work that closes the journey with reflection and light.

Odonata is a densely packed sixty-minute audio work that carries the listener through many sonic zones as this story of sound is told, recommended for audio adventurers everywhere.

Gray Lee